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Laxey Manx Tartan
View Manx national tartan details.
Manx Hunting Tartan
Manx hunting kilt information.
General Tartans
Information on general tartans,kilts accessories.
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Shop Location
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Laxey Woollen Mills
Male model in full Manx Kilt dress including full accessories.
Male model in Manx Tartan Kilt, dark shirt and accessories.
Male model in Manx Kilt,white shirt with accessories.
Hunting Tartan displayed over a manikin.

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Specialists in Manx Tartan

Hire full dress outfits for special events,
or buy complete outfits, part outfits, or individual items from our comprehensive range of accessories.

Kilts are made to measure on our premises
and are available in Laxey Manx Tartan, Manx Hunting, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish and Breton Tartans.
For purchase or hire complete with full dress
outfits and every accessory.
Always a popular dress at weddings,
music festivals, ceilidhs and many other social